GREELINE Sustainability


Sustainability is the task of our society. This applies in particular to consumers and companies. Our goal as a company is to make all of our company's processes CO2 neutral. We conserve resources, avoid waste and recycle materials. We started the "Greenline" program for this. Help us to achieve this goal!

An overview of our measures:

DHL GoGreen climate-neutral shipping
Climate-neutral shipping:
We only ship with DHL GO GREEN. The transport-related CO2e emissions are offset by external projects and internal measures in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14064. We make a financial contribution so that these climate protection projects can be implemented.

Climate neutral electricity
Climate neutral Electricity:
We generate the electricity we need with the photovoltaic system on the roofs of our company building. If the electricity we produce ourselves is not enough, we buy green electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Energy consumption: We use modern home control technology and energy-saving consumers to reduce our energy requirements. These include time-controlled interior and exterior lighting, a clever air conditioning system with heat exchangers for warehouses and offices and automatic shading of the windows, the use of LED lighting throughout the warehouse area, efficient storage systems with low energy requirements.

Packaging material: Our packaging material is plastic-free. We ship in cardboard boxes with paper as filling material. We use paper tape to close the packages. Our customers can dispose of the packaging material via the paper bin. We also use cardboard boxes from our upstream suppliers for our outgoing packages. This is how we reduce packaging waste and conserve resources.

Outer packaging: We only use as much material as necessary and as little as possible in product packaging. For many products, we do not use any outer packaging. For a large number of articles, our customers can choose between conventional packaging and the environmentally friendly GREENLINE packaging consisting of paper or without packaging.  

Implementing these measures costs a lot of money. Money spent wisely. Support us with the Greenline project:

  • When purchasing, pay attention to the "Greenline" product label for packaging-free or low-packaging products.
  • Support with the shipping method "Greenline" and a small amount with every order, so that we can make the shipping and our entire company climate neutral.
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